29th September 2022

I started painting still life in Paris in 1978, then in Morocco 1979, in New York from 1981-1987 and then in Bali from 1988 – 1994. Whilst I became known for being a still life painter, it has been many years since I have created a new collection. I have now embarked on a series of still life paintings with a twist. I was inspired to do so by my wife, Marian, who had been preparing peppers for dinner one evening when she was struck by the beauty of what lay inside the peppers. We were so amazed by the beauty of it and the wonder of nature, that it set off a lightening bolt of inspiration for me to create a series of surreal still life paintings. Being an artist herself, Marian carved the peppers slowly and meticulously one by one, recording every stage of the dissection.  I have been painting furiously to try and capture what I see and the surreal images generated in my head. So many of them suggested pictures that I believe have never been created before. Here are a just a few from the collection.