Testimonials for Anthony Christian

Lord Kenneth Clark (“Civilization”)

“I don’t know which to admire the most; your courage in defying the tendencies of modern art or the skill with which you have done so.”

Vogue Magazine

“Anthony Christian is a new world’s child who makes old world portraits with a precocious facility about which he is extremely and passionately prickly and proud…”

The Regent Magazine

“Christian’s Mastery of every artistic genre from allegorical portraiture to landscape to still life is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Accent Magazine

“It was self-seeking perfection then that locked Christian away from attention, only to startle the world later with a genius that is regarded by many art historians and critics as the best this century.”

Art and Soul Magazine

“Simply beautiful. And this is reflected in his work which is the epitome of ‘beauty with a purpose’.”

Society Magazine

“The world’s foremost Renaissance-style painter.”

Artention Magazine

“…he has a phenomenal gift in his mastery technique, but his driving force is a desire to produce art with the power to move people, to communicate the intense passion of the world as he sees it ..”

Bombay Despatch and Courier

“There is magic in the art of Anthony Christian”

The Asian Age

“There is no doubt of Christian’s technical mastery ; the feel of bare, soft feminine flesh as accurately recorded as the fresh fruit and rich brocade and silks…”

The Economic Times

“Christian’s work comes across like a breath of fresh air…He possesses the extraordinary capacity to create pulsating life and deep emotion in portraits, still lifes, nudes, interiors and drapery studies…”

International Herald Tribune

“Beautiful economical in effect….But even when he essays that most difficult of all drawings, the single line circumscribing a figure in movement, he still succeeds in giving an impression of effortlessness.”

The Rome Daily American

“These penetrating studies in oils haunt the viewer.”

Singapore Business Times

“His grasp of technique is most evident in his drawings which recall works by Albrecht Durer.”

The Spirit and the Flesh

“Anthony Christian’s fantastically drawn portraits have been compared with the magnificent works of the supreme Western masters – Rubens , Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Velasquez and Goya….”

The Hindu

“Christian is able to bring out the expression in the eyes so well that the character of the person comes through perfectly. Every object is so life-like one can almost feel its texture…”

Sutton News

“His early work lead to commissions for portraits from Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Patrick Lichfield and members of the Rothschild family. The Queen owns one of Christian’s portraits of Mountbatten.”

The Yorkshire Post

“The work speaks for itself….Few are blessed with these powers of controlled draughtsmanship or riotous imagination.”

Society Magazine

“Anthony Christian is one of the few who can see. And seeing, as we all know, is believing”

The Evening Standard

“Anthony Christian’s collision of the Renaissance, Surrealism and the cyber-age will be fascinating to watch.”

John Russell Taylor Art Critic ‘The Times’

“Anthony Christian paints  like an angel but with, these days, a touch of devilment”